Coco Bongo Concept Design

Presenting to you our latest decor theme “COCO BONGO”.

We created this for a wedding held this last weekend in a coconut grove. Amidst a pristine farm setting, contrasting with all the restrictions of social distancing we had to come up with a plan that catered for the safety of all the guests that attended. We built a structure big enough to hold the guests and the marriage mandapam with ample spacing.

As you all know, lock down situation is not the most conducive to procure all the materials that we would like. But we were not satisfied with locally available materials… So we put our maximum effort and got flowers like Hydrangeas, Brassica, Estoma, Ivy, Lotus Rose, Carnations, Baby Pineapple, Heliconia, Song of India, Foilage, etc and finished up our decor. We got a lot of positive feedback from the guests for our efforts! Surely these are changed times and we are doing our best to mould ourselves accordingly. This decor definitely is a testament to our resilience.

Of the 4 backdrop that were created, this one here was done up for the occasion of Engagement function. LED strips shaped as petals against a Orange backdrop gave a quirky and modern twist to the proceedings. Coupled with the star shaped roof with flowers hanging gave an ethereal effect.

The second backdrop is for Inai seer function. Basically this ritual is conducted for the husband and his sister. Our weddings and the rituals that happen in our traditions are so beautiful! Each and every ritual has such a deep meaning and is incredible in its own way!

This particular ritual is to celebrate the sister and build the new relationship between the bride and the sister. This also puts across the point that the sister who is born in this house is as important as the groom. Its created like a mandapam with Fiber pillars which support a circular floral arrangement. This consists of Carnations, Song of India and Chrysanthemum flowers along with leaves to hold all of them in place. With pleasant color palette of pink, gold and white interspersed with green the entire mandapam looked resplendent.

Some of you may have concern that we have cut down trees to create our COCO BONGO decor theme. We want you to rest assured that we did no such thing! We are very conscious of our environment and would always try to minimise our footprint as much as possible. For this decor especially since it was done in a coconut grove we covered the tree trunks with fabric to mould them into the theme seamlessly.

We provided face masks, hand sanitizers and thermal scanning to the guests at the entry point and at other necessary places. Also we helped guide the guests to follow social distancing. These are difficult times and we are doing the best we can! They have split the function as four …like morning Engagement, afternoon Inaiseer, evening reception and next day morning muhurtham.. and invited the guests as per norms with allotted timings …but some overlapping happened so we added extra chairs for that moment.

Reception Backdrop

In this we used intricately created floral pillars of Hydrangeas, Brassica, Estoma, Ivy, Lotus Rose, Carnations, Baby pinapples, Heliconia, Song of India and other foliage. The floral pots between the pillars brought about a spurt of color and the LED balls behind gave the whole ambience an ethereal glow. Arvind and Sruthi, the bride and groom looked resplendent and complimented the colors perfectly.

Muhurtham Backdrop

Presenting our final backdrop decor from “Congo Bongo” theme. This was created for the muhurtham of Sruthi and Aravind’s wedding. Unlike the other backdrops this was done in a very traditional way. Beautifully created sculptures portraying Meenakshi and Sundareswara thiru kalyanam formed the most appropriate background. This scene was buttressed by golden pillars with antique finish. Delicately weaved traditional garlands made with betel leaves, Roses, Rajinigandha etc were placed all around and provided the much required color reliefs☺️. It felt like gods themselves have come to bless this couple at their muhurtham.

Warm Expressions

They deserve the applause for any decor they do. Wonderful creation, excellent teamwork and special kindness character of Gandhi Madam really makes Shiga Petals the best one for us all the time. Any special occasions of our family will be taken to grandness by only Shiga. Thanks for their support.

Naveen, Jayavenkatalakshmi Textiles P Ltd

I wanted to thank you and all your staff for all your amazing work & for putting together such beautiful wedding decoration for us. Everything looked so amazing and it really added something special to our day. Gandhi mam(@shigapetal) you are the sweetest & you took care of everything like you promised! The engagement decor was something I couldn’t wait to see and it looked absolutely beautiful. It was flawless and all the guests were blown away with the wedding decor and flowers. It was a beautiful day and we were so pleased with all of the hard work you did. The hall was spectacular and we got a number of compliments at the wedding and I am so glad we picked you!! We”ll be sure to drop in a great work for Wedding Decor when our other friends starts getting hitched!

Mithun & Aishu, Mithunram Tex

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