In the next series of decor, we bring you exclusive designs of an important ritual function of South India. In Tamil it is known by the name – ‘Poopu Neerattu Vizha’. We will explore both the tradition behind it and the decor elements that are used in the ritual.

Puberty Backdrop

Introducing our latest decor theme “Maa Kolam” done recently for a “puberty function”. As we said earlier this is an important ritual and is a rite to which all young girls have to pass through when they flower. This has been done as a village theme décor based on traditional of Tamil culture. Oil Lantern, hand crafted birds made with palm leaves, traditional brass pots with coconut inflorescence and bamboo baskets filled with paddy and ground nuts where used symbolizing the bountiful richness in a rural setting.


It is a tradition in this part of the country to take ‘SEER’, which consists of fruits, flowers, crafts and other gifts which also included miniature figurines which represented the kutil. All these items are placed in different plates and offered to the girl. All these ingredients are locally sourced and were brought together to create a very pleasant but yet rustic look. It’s very beautiful isn’t it?

Our traditions stipulate that when a young girl comes of age, its the duty of her maternal uncle “Mama” to guide her to a safe and secure space to sit, relax and rest. The young girl, unbeknowest to her is now blossoming into a mature young woman. She is going through a confusing time in her life marked by many changes in her body and mind and is causing emotional upheavals within her. This very important milestone in her life needs support from her close family and her Mama plays a crucial role too. He guides her to what is called a “Gudisai” a small shack build with coconut leaves with grass spread on the floor. The girl will find succor from all the confusion happening within and without in this Gudisai.

Gudisai Function

Girl Entry

Guest Video

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