To showcase the special occasion that it is for Aravinth and Shobiya, Shiga petals came up with “Magnolia crest”. This romantic décor was created for their reception and was as elegant and charming as the couple. Both the bride and the groom perfectly complimented the colors with their impeccable attire!

Initially when the families and the couple came to look for a theme and a décor they wanted something simple and elegant. Aravinth, the groom picked Magnolia crest and we put it together in a short time. Once it came together everyone was surprised at the efficiency of the work and the speed at which Shiga Petals completed it! They were wowed by the elegance and beauty of it too!
It just warmed our hearts and we felt quite satisfied that we came through! Not only that few things which werent even discussed or addressed, we just volunteered and finished them without any of the wedding parties asking us. This really impressed them! It was all in a day’s work for us. Every event that we do, we are there doing it as if we would do it for us. This is our mantra and our secret.

Making of


Enjoy the making of ‘Magnolia Crest’ for the reception of Aravinth & Shobi. It took over 100 people working for about 20 hours to bring this design to reality. A perfect setting of the mountain wall filled with pink flowers as the backdrop. Yellow soft lights saturated the environment with the right mood for the couple to take stage welcoming the guests.

Warm Expressions

Truly exceptional work that exceeded expectations.

Aravinth, Arul Murugan Textiles

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